Record Collector Day: It Records

Having been in existence less than a month, we are too new to get in on the “special product” frenzy that other shops will have on this day, but we will still be a worthwhile stop on any record hound’s “record tour” of the city on the Big Record Day of the year.

We will feature live music (Paul Metzger, Matt Helgeson and a solo acoustic instrumental set by Jason Kesselring of Comets Ov Cupid), DJs and some one-day-only vinyl offerings of our own. 

Our take on "specialty items" will be in the form of a curated section of high-end collectible wax and ultra rare “museum piece” items and pressings one rarely sees, which will be available for viewing and purchase only on April 18th. These pieces will be revealed at 2:00 PM for purchase, but again will be available only on the 18th of April. 

In addition, we will be taking "wish list" submissions from the public and digging for these pieces in our vast combined archives and even our own personal collections! Wish list submissions should be sent to Original requesters get first shot of course, but should they not step forward these pieces will be available to others present. 

DJs for the event include Ryan Cameron, Savage Clone, d rider, Tim Ritter, Danny Sigelman, Christian Fritz and Shane Kramer. Here's the schedule for live music: 

11:00 AM Matt Helgeson
3:00 PM Jason Kesselring
5:30 PM Paul Metzger

Come down for the ultra rarities, stay for some great music if you like, but do stop by. We’ll make it worth your while.